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What is EFT? 

In simple terms EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture that utilises the body’s “energy meridians” to release unwanted negative energies. It compliments other therapies such as counselling and hypnotherapy. The premise behind this new and exciting discovery is that “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body’s energy system”.

According to Chinese medicine the body has subtle energies flowing around it, contained in “energy meridians”. These play an important role in physical and emotional wellbeing. When the meridians are blocked or circulating negative energies, we feel unwell or emotionally out of sorts. Disabling emotions such as fear, sadness, anxiety, anger and the emotional trauma associated with the memory of a past event can be treated using this powerful technique. EFT is a very healing therapy that focuses on eliminating the negative emotion while tuning into the cause. This can be done effectively WITHOUT reliving and re-traumatizing the client and this is one of its great strengths.

EFT is accomplished through “tapping” at the ends of the energy meridian points while tuning in to the offending emotion, for example…anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, compulsion, cravings, etc. The client often experiences a reduction of the emotion in just a few minutes. For these reasons energy or meridian therapies are being taken up at an amazing rate by many professionals working in the field of emotional healing. 

Finally, the technique is so simple and easy to apply that it is possible to learn to use the treatment at home so that you can experience rapid healing and take control of your own issues. Over time and with persistence the most intractable emotional problems can be completely dissipated.

When you start learning EFT you will feel better immediately!  However the real and lasting benefits come from persistence. With practise, this technique can be a powerful weapon against all your negative emotions as well as pain and physical issues.